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Choosing a Fire Protection Company

Companies spend so much on fire protection systems, but with improper installation and maintenance, this investment can quickly go to waste. The question is, how do you choose the right contractor for the project?

Industry Experience

Whether you're considering a company that has been around for one or ten years, each contractor has its own background story. Be as thorough as possible when checking. Learn more about Fire Protection Contractor at fire sprinkler services Pensacola. Any OHSA or EPA citations, or outstanding judgments or claims in the past five-year period? This information can help you make a better decision in terms of hiring or not hiring a certain company.

Interviewing a Prospective Contractor

To help you decide when choosing a fire protection company, make sure you know the following:

> Number of qualified engineers and other workers with OHSA 10-hour certification

> Number of NICET-certified technicians and specific fields of specialty

> Whether they are usually on or over budget

> Number of years in the industry

> How often workers are given ongoing trainings/seminars

> Whether they are bonded and insured

> Whether they will assign a dedicated manager to your job

General Reputation

Besides a company's technical background, their "people background" - their reputation - is just as crucial. Ask your prospect for references and companies they have worked with in the past. Read more about Fire Protection Contractor at fire protection Panama City. Go over online reviews too, but to make sure you're reading credible testimonials, stay with trusted consumer sites like Yelp or Angie's list. Scan for details. What problems and complaints did they have? But remember that all contractors will get both positive and negative reviews anytime. Focus on the total vibe that receive.

Knowing Your Team

Installing a fire protection system is a huge undertaking that can take up to months or years to complete. That means you and the contractor, together with the whole team, will be together for a while. Thus, it is important that you are familiar with everyone, including knowing whom to approach for certain issues that may arise from time to time. You should know the personnel who can help you with a variety of scenarios, like your equipment being accidentally damaged or an employee who doesn't seem to be doing their job well.

Getting Along

Lastly, another thing you should consider when choosing a contractor is whether you get along. Again, this project will take a considerable amount of time to finish, so you'd like to be working with someone you can at least get along with. It should be a business relationship that you are positive will flourish.

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